10 советов туристу в Нью-Йорке

Нью-Йорк. Манхэттен

Если Вы собираетесь посетить Нью-Йорк, постарайтесь узнать немного больше об этом городе, законах, традициях и обычаях местного населения. Данная информация поможет Вам наладить дружеские отношения с людьми и оградит от некоторых неприятных ситуаций.

New York basic tips and etiquette for visitors

New York is a city whose reputation is legendary for the millions of visitors. As with any metropolis, there are certain unspoken rules for getting around the city. Whether it is your first, second, or twentieth visit to New York, here are some etiquette tips to remember when you are out and about in the Big Apple!

Метро в Нью-Йорке

Know the difference between Express Subway Trains and Local Subway Trains. Express and Local trains may run along similar routes and perhaps even make the same stops, but make no mistake: they are not identical. Local lines will stop at every station along a particular route, while Express lines stop only at particular stations along the route.

Tipping. In the U.S., tips are generally given to those in the service industry: maids, bellhops, waiters, etc. as a sign of gratitude. Waiters should receive 15% of the pre-tax check for average service; you may tip higher or lower for an excellent or poor experience, but never below 10%. Bellhops should collect $1 per bag (or $2 for just one). When checking out of your hotel, leave a few dollars per night – in cash – for the maid.

Floor numbering. A difference between American and European floor numbering can provide a considerable amount of confusion or inconvenience while riding the lift. Remember that many buildings in New York do not have a “ground floor” – they start on the first floor.

Разъем для подключения электроприборов

Electronics. Standard voltage in North America operates at 120V against the 220V measure throughout the rest of the world. Your electronic devices might not work stateside; sockets are shaped differently here, too, so your plugs will likely not be compatible with American outlets.Be sure to purchase chargers for all your portable gadgets that fit American specifications!

Subway station etiquette. Always have your Metro card at the ready when entering!Stand on the right side of escalators to let those walking up the moving staircases get by on your left. Never hold closing doors in the subway. –You will not be able to squeeze into the train car, and you will endanger yourself or someone else in the process.

Нью-Йорк. Бродвей

Sidewalks. Do not stop in the middle of the sidewalk! If you need to consult a map or want to take a photo, simply step to the side. Treat other pedestrians with the courtesy you treat other drivers on the road.

Directions. In Manhattan,if you want to travel “north” you would say you are heading “uptown”; traveling “south” means you will be going “downtown”. If you want to visit 14th Street (Greenwich Village) from 42nd Street (the heart of Midtown), that signifies you will need downtown transportation.


Cab etiquette. Manhattan taxis (medallion cabs) are yellow, and any cabs in the outer boroughs – and north of East 96th Street and West 110th Street in the central borough –are in a lime green tint (boro taxis). Legitimate services have livery or taxi-limousine plates with an identification number on the roof of the car. Lit number signs on top of the cab means it is vacant and available; lights turned off signify it is occupied.

Vacation rental etiquette. Be respectful of residents in your vacation rental building. Refrain from playing loud music or making too much noise, clean up after yourself if you use communal facilities (such as a laundry room), do not slam your door upon exiting or entering.

And last but not least: explore. Do not be afraid to wander around any streets or areas that strike your fancy. There is much more New York than Manhattan. Ask locals about their favorite restaurants, shops, and attractions. You will be able to fully immerse yourself in all New York has to offer – and fall in love with the city that never sleeps. Justdonotforgettobringamap!

Нью-Йорк. Пятая авеню

Нью-Йорк является одним из самых красивых городов мира. Люди, однажды посетившие этот огромный мегаполис, не устают возвращаться туда снова и снова, каждый раз открывая для себя что-то новое и интересное, потому что Нью-Йорк – это бурлящий котел, в котором самым удивительным образом сочетаются совершенно разные культуры мира, дополняя и обогащая друг друга!

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