Если Вас задержали за границей

Millions of people all around the world adore travelling. We travel because we wish to see new countries and cities, visit historical places, meet new people and taste different cuisines. But sometimes trips can turn back unpleasant adventures. People make mistakes, find themselves not in that place and simply don't know laws of the country where they came.

Being shipped outward to have a rest, you should take into account that you can appear in unpredictable situations; therefore it is better to know how to behave in advance. What to do, for example, if you, no matter for what reason, find yourself in a police station? If you were detained abroad and sent to the police office, first of all demand granting opportunity to contact the nearest Russian consular establishment or the direction to it the written notice of the incident fact.

The right for protection is guaranteed to citizens of Russia abroad by the Constitution of the Russian Federation (Art. 61).

Article 36 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations (1963) provides that when a national of a foreign country is arrested or detained on criminal or immigration charges, the detainee must be advised of the right to have the detainee’s consulate notified and that the detainee has the right to regular consultation with consular officials during detention and any trial.

The consular worker is obliged to meet you, however keep in mind that his arrival can be tightened if establishment is far from the scene. During detention or arrest abroad don't show resistance to police officers – they can use force or even the weapon.

In any case don't sign protocols in a foreign language in the absence of the translator– according to the legislation of a number of the countries the papers signed by you can become a basis of criminal charge.

What to do if you were detained abroad

Good Idea

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Bad Idea

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To contact embassy or consulate and report about the detention or to demand the direction to embassy or consulate of the written statement about the incident fact

To keep cool

To resist

To speak with police in the absence of the consul

To offer a bribe even if you are hinted that the problem can be solved with the help of money

To sign protocols or any documents in a foreign language in the absence of the officials

To touch any thrown material evidences

Keep in your mobile


Embassy in Vienna 0043/1/712 1229, 0043/1/713 8622

In case of emergency 43(0) 680 225 9008


Embassy in Athens (210)672 5235, 672 6130

Consular department (210)671 1945


Embassy in Sophia (+359 2) 963-44-58, 963-09-14, 963-13-14

In case of emergency: +359-882-371-151


Embassy in Rome (39-06)494 1681, 494 1680

Consular department (39-06)442 35625


Embassy in Brussel +32(0)2 374 3569, Consular department +32(0)2 374 3400


Embassy in Podgorica: +(382-20) 272-460

In case of emergency: +(382-68) 852-125


Embassy in Nicosia (357) 22 774 622, 22 772 141

Consular department (357) 22 776 832


Embassy in Hague (31-070)346 8888

In case of emergency (31-064)642 4811


Embassy in Copenhagen +(45) 35 42 55 85

Consular department +(45) 35 38 23 70


Embassy in Oslo (+47) 22 55 32 78,

In case of emergency (+47) 46 85 88 25


Embassy in Cairo: (+2023) 748-9353, 748-9354, 748-9355, 748-9356

In case of emergency: (+20)128-009-50-99


Embassy in Lisbon (+351) 21 846 2423, 846 2524

In case of emergency (+351) 91 594 03 05


Embassy in Helsinki +358(9)612 3025

In case of emergency +358(9)278 4023


Embassy in Madrid (+34)91 562 2264,

In case of emergency (+34)670 848 773


Embassy in Paris (33-01)4504 0550

Consular department (33-01)4764 4547, 4763 4547, 4505 0501


Embassy in Stockholm (46-8)130 441, 130 443

In case of emergency (46-76)318 7075


Embassy in Berlin 030/229 -11 10

In case of emergency +49 157 77 96 41 41


Embassy in Bern +41(0)31/352 0506, 6465

In case of emergency 079 367 11 11


Embassy in London 44(0)207 229 6412

Consular department (44-0171/0181)229 2666, 229 8027, 229 9362


Embassy in Ankara: (+90312) 440 82 17

In case of emergency: (+90531) 261 64 46

PHONES marked as “In case of emergency” are NOT inquiry numbers!

They are intended only for an emergency communication of the citizens of the Russian Federation who are in the territory of foreign country with consular employees in emergency situations menacing to their life and health.

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