Несколько способов сэкономить деньги на театральных билетах в Вест-Энде


Название Вест-Энд стало синонимом театральной жизни Лондона, и это неслучайно. Здесь постоянно действует порядка сорока театров, многие из которых ставят спектакли и мюзиклы мирового масштаба. Театральные билеты в Вест-Энде очень дорого стоят – это факт. К счастью, существует несколько способов купить билеты на спектакли в Лондоне дешевле.

Top price West-End tickets are expensive. There are, thankfully, several ways of getting cheaper tickets for London theatre performances.

1. Half price last-minute tickets. At 10 am in the morning of the day you want tickets for, go to the TKTS booth in Leicester Square. That’s when the leftover seats for that day go on sale – be at the front of the line for the best choice!


2. 2for1 tickets with a cheap rail ticket. National Rail’s Go By Train scheme offers 2for1 tickets on a huge variety of London attractions, including the major West - End shows. You need a valid train ticket for the day of the show, but you can buy a cheap single ticket for a few quid and save as much as £50 on theatre tickets in the process.

3. Tickets on the door. Most West - End theatres hold a small number of tickets to sell on the door on the day of the show. Many are sold at a discounted rate. Seats with restricted views are sold with a massive discount. The only trouble is, before queuing, you have no idea what tickets are available and how much they will cost. To get into the most popular shows, you may have to start queuing as early as 8am!


4. Book way in advance online. Lastminute.com has some fantastic dinner & show ticket deals. The further in advance you book the better the offer. Theatremonkey.com collates hundreds of offers. Check the regularly updated “daily cheap dates out” page on moneysavingexpert.com.


5. Chance your luck with returns an hour before show time. A number of the major theatres offer unwanted tickets at massive discount around an hour before show time. When it comes to cheap theatre tickets, this is as high risk, high reward as it gets!


Атмосфера Лондонских театров, как и самого Вест-Энда, несравнима ни с чем. Будучи встолице Англии, непременно стоит сходить хотя бы на одно театральное представление!

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