Правила поведения в Лондонском метро

Самый дешевый способ передвижения по Лондону и его окрестностям - общественный транспорт - включает в себя метро, автобусы, поезда, речной транспорт и трамваи. В Лондоне работают 12 линий метро. Город разделен на 10 концентрических зон: центр - 1, окраины - 6, и 4 самые дальние зоны A, B, C и D. Стоимость поездки зависит от того, по каким зонам она проходит, поэтому билеты и смарт-карты надо предъявлять автоматам и на входе, и на выходе. Как составную часть лондонского метро можно рассматривать линии легкой железной дороги DLR (Docklands Light Railway). Их линии указаны на схеме лондонского метро, на них действительны те же билеты и правила тарификации поездок, что и в метро. Отличительная особенность DLR - в поездах нет машинистов, управляет ими компьютер.

Эти знания помогут Вам избежать сложных и некомфортных ситуаций при посещении Лондонского метро:

Tube tips: how to behave on the London Underground

1) Avoid rush hour

Try to avoid rush hour if you can. It’s cheaper to travel on the London Underground during off-peak hours. Peak hours are from 6.30 to 9.30 am and 4 to 7 pm Monday to Friday.

2) Don’t linger at the barriers

Don’t just stop after going through the barriers. If you’re temporarily disoriented because you can’t see any sign and are overwhelmed by the many people, just move to the side so that others can go through the ticket barriers after you. The same goes for leaving the Tube and exiting through the barriers. If you can’t spot your exit right away, just move to the side, and ask someone – you’d be surprised how nice and helpful Londoners can be!

3) On the escalators, stand on the right, walk on the left

On the London Tube, everyone’s always on the move. There’s a constant flow of people, and they want to get from A to B fast. If you stand on the left on the escalator, you’ll know. Someone will immediately ask you to move by voicing a stressed “Excuse me!” in a not-so-amused tone. So, stand on the right, walk on the left. Simples! And here’s a rhyme for the Germans: “Links gehen, rechts stehen. Ist doch gar nicht so schwer!”

4) Don’t stop. Keep moving

Similar to rule № 2, don’t stop and stand, ever, unless you’re off to the side or against a wall, particularly not when going through barriers, onto or off escalators, or where tunnels fork between tube lines or at the entrance to the platform. Just be aware of your fellow travelers – they are all moving and there are always more people arriving behind you. If you have to stop then please move to the side so you’re not in other people’s way. Londoners will thank you for that (in their minds, not verbally – no time!).

5) Let people get off the train first

This is one of the most important ones, and particularly important to note for cultures where the art of queuing is less practiced than in Britain. You will not only get evil looks but also angry prompts to move away from the door and to let people get off the train first. People will call you out!

6) Move inside the carriage

Once you let everyone off the train first, step on the train and move inside the carriage. Just like with the barriers, and when reaching the platform, don’t just stand in the doorframe, move inside the carriage so more people can come onto the train. Again, people will call you out if you just block the entrance.

7) Suitcase? Move to the side

If you have a suitcase, position yourself to the side. Many tube trains even have a “multi-purpose” area for suitcases, strollers, etc., and feel free to ask someone to move away from that space for you – they are very likely to oblige, because your request makes sense.

8) Don’t eat on the Tube

Also, when on a Tube train, please don’t eat. Chances are it’s quite hot and smelly anyway, and no one wants to smell food on a crowded train. Pretty please!

9) Give up your seat for others

This is just common courtesy. Please give up your seat for pregnant women, the elderly or anyone else who may need to sit down.

10) Take your bag down

Please take your bag down when standing on a Tube train. It is amazing how we become unable to sense others personal space when we wear a backpack or a large handbag, and we bump into them all the time. Make everyone’s journey more comfortable and just put it on the ground between your feet.

The Tube may be crowded but if you follow the rules on how to behave on the London Underground, you won’t have any troubles, and get from A to B relatively quickly. Sostaycalmandyouwon’tcauseTuberage.

В Лондонском метро часто может быть многолюдно. Но, следуя правилам поведения, Вы сможете избежать хлопот и относительно быстро добраться до нужной Вам станции. Так что сохраняйте спокойствие, чтобы не стать причиной суеты и конфликта.


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