Шесть удивительных подводных достопримечательностей

70% поверхности Земли покрыто водой и неудивительно, что океаны, моря и озера таят в себе много увлекательных достопримечательностей (как природных, так и рукотворных). Для тех, кто ищет разнообразия в путешествиях и готов покинуть твердую землю, прыгнуть в пучину в поисках приключений, предлагаем подборку самых удивительных достопримечательностей под водой:

66. Yonaguni Monument, Okinawa

The origin of this giant rock has not been deduced. It is located off the coast of Yonaguni, the southernmost of Japan’s Ryukyu Islands. It is difficult to define whether the monument is natural or artificial. There are different versions, even to as unusual as government conspiracy. The place is a popular destination for travelers. It gives an extraordinary opportunity to dive over a massive underwater construction and contemplate a wild marine life brought on by the strong Yonaguni current.

55. Museo Subacuatico de Arte, Cancun

Designed to demonstrate the connection between art and environmental science the biggest underwater attraction site – MUSA (the Museo Subacuatico de Arte) was founded in 2009. It consists of 500 life-size sculptures. This picturesque museum was constructed under the umbrella of the Director of the National Marine Park, the President of the Cancun Nautical Association and an English sculptor. It has two crucial ecological goals: to reroute the traffic from the progressively over-crowded waters and to speed up the rehabilitation of the place’s resources by being an alternative reef structure safe for underwater life colonization. Two sections of different depth are available for snorkel and scuba diving. The Salon Nizuc is just four meters deep and is available for snorkeling only, while the eight-meter deep Salon Manchones gives a chance for a much more personal experience for divers.

44. Truk Lagoon, Micronesia

After its exploration by Jacques Cousteau this location caught international media interest. It’s situated about 1800 km off the coast of New Guinea and was the primary Japanese military base during World War II. The lagoon and its surroundings are famous for the large amount of preserved sunken ships. The place has been popular among divers for a unique insight to the lives and deaths (you can still encounter human remains there) of the soldiers killed during the Hailstone Operation. There are ships with human objects, weapons, marine vehicles and artifacts. One of the most interesting attraction sites is the remains of Shinohara submarine, which attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941.

33. Underwater Post Office, Vanuatu

If you still use snail mail services to send letters to your friends from everywhere on earth, this attraction is certainly for you. It gives you an interesting chance to write a letter on dry land and after that dive deep to mail it. As a result you are going to get an amazing postal experience. Opened in 2003, it consists of a small counter that houses postmen on duty and a little yellow mailbox. Open hours are signaled by a raised flag over the surface which can be clearly seen from the beach. The underwater post-office is located in the waters of Hideaway Island in Vanuatu.

22. Christ of the Abyss, Key Largo

This bronze statue was presented to the Underwater Society of America in 1962 and can be observed in Key Largo, Florida. The Christ of the Abyss is one of the three bronze statues designed by Guido Galletti. It is situated about twenty-five feet deep in the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, and is weighed down by a nine-ton concrete base. The statue stands 8.5 feet tall and depicts Christ with his head and arms raised up. Aside from this world-famous attraction, this is a very scuba friendly attraction site.

11. Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park, Grenada

The Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park is the first modern art exhibition in the world placed totally under water. It was opened in 2006 by British sculptor Jason deClaires Taylor. The attraction’s aim is to unite the area’s inhabitants with the sea world that surrounds them. You can watch several installations, such as Grace Reef (depicting a local woman on the sea floor), The Unstill Life (a take on the classic “still life” using everyday objects), and perhaps the most recognizable Vicissitudes (children standing in a circle and holding hands). The park continues to grow as one of the most popular diving places in the region.

Есть что-то таинственное и загадочное в исследовании подводного мира. Огромные пространства скрыты от наших глаз под толщей Мирового океана. Многие интересные подводные места до сих пор остаются неизведанными. Чтобы чувствовать себя настоящим туристом, необходимо увидеть не только традиционные достопримечательности, но и получить незабываемый опыт посещения подводных просторов.

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