Способ Помодоро

Инструкция по использованию «Способа Помодоро» для организации времени, адаптация текста к видео с официального сайта http://pomodorotechnique.com/.

Pomodoro technique

The Pomodoro technique is an effective way to organize your time and improve your productivity. 


The basic requirement of this technique is to set a kitchen-timer for 25 minutes. But this is just the beginning! In order to become a Certified Pomodoro Master you must achieve the following six steps:

1. Find out how much effort and time an activity requires in order to accomplish a specific task.


2. Learn to protect your Pomodoros from the external and internal interruptions.


3. Make accurate estimations of how many Pomodoros you need for a certain activity.

4. Use your Pomodoro timer not just to work on your task but spend a few minutes on recap and the last ones for review.

5. Set a time-table according to your to-dos, your time or even to your season. It’s good for organizing work and also for creating more free time!

6. Once you have completed these objectives, find your own personal objective, such as being more efficient or improving the quality of your work. For example, a writer can write more accurately during his Pomodoro time.


 Remember! You have to choose your own final objective. In order to achieve best results it’s better to focus on 1 activity. In other words: if you haven’t completed the objective, don’t move to another one! Continue trying to do better with the current objective.

Adapted from http://pomodorotechnique.com/ by M. Andrievich

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